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African Grey Parrot Diets

African Grey Parrot DietsHello there, TrudyVan here,

African Grey Parrots are highly intellect birds and they get bored easily.

Seeds such as Mielies, Sunflowers seeds (keep these to a minimum) and peanuts in the shell, are good for greys, when you place them in a bowl of their own. They can nibble on these seeds throughout the day.

Parrot pellets and parrot biscuits are specially made for parrots but they cannot live on pellets alone. Put the grey's pellets and biscuits in a bowl also on their own.

You can also give your parrot pasta, grains, apple sauce, and cooked legumes.

Try to feed your parrots purely organic foods as the pesticides can be extremely harmful and can be fatal in the long term.

Introduce your parrots to fresh fruit and vegetables as soon as possible.

I cut up the vegetables and most fruit in "bite Size" portions that they can hold and eat. I give them 3 to 4 different fresh vegetables and fresh fruits a day so they do not become bored.

Apples (cored as the seed are toxic), grapes, carrots, corn, spinach, peanuts, nuts, broccoli, peas, string beans, kale, chard, sweet potatoes, squash, peppers, pears, bananas, mangos, papayas, cherries, apricots, kiwi, yogurt.

African Greys love eggs either hard boiled or scrambled but no spices, salts or oils.

Never feed any birds including African Greys the following foods, Avocadoes, salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, high processed foods, highly salty foods, chocolate, tomatoes, parsley, apple cores.

Remember that you need to introduce new foods slowly. That is way I cut up the fresh fruit and vegetables and do not just place whole fruits or vegetables into their bowls.

They might be clever birds but will react as if there is a serious threat if you suddenly put a whole apple or banana or long green beans or a carrot directly into their bowls.

Have your local Avian Veterinarian check out your African Greys at least every six months for deworming and to make sure your African grey parrot is doing well.

My Vet also clips my Grey's nails, wings and beak.

Looking after an African Grey Parrot is alike to looking after a small child. Your African Grey Parrots need a diet plan that works for your Bird.

African Grey Parrots like to eat often throughout the day. They also use up loads of energy with their antics and activities they get up to during the day. Their metabolic rate that burns food fast.

If your are introducing a new vegetable or fruit then early in the morning is the best time to do it as they are more hungry and will be more than ready to try the new food. You will have to make sure that their is no other food in their cages overnight, so they do not fill up and then will not try the new foods.

Only do this if you are planning to introduce new foods to them.

Greys do eat after dark. I know my African Grey does. I make sure there is always food for her to eat, whenever she wants to.

I change her drinking water twice a day. I also have a big bowl of water which I change daily as she baths in it.

Greetings from Penny and myself, TrudyVan
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