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Dog Walking excerise for you and your dogs

Dog walking exercise for you and your dogs

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There is certainly something to be said about walking with a trained dog on its lead.  Dog owners and Dog Walkers know the great feeling when walking your dogs down the street and you are not dragged or pulled around by them.

Turn your Dog Walking into a fun activity with your pet and yourself. There are few dog walking tricks that you can use to get the most of these dog walks.

You need to position yourself in that position that your dog considers you as the Pack leader. You need to ensure that the dog is either behind or besides you at all times.

You can in the beginning walk your dog on a short leash, attached at the top of your dog's neck, you will be able to exert more control on your dog.

Dogs and Humans are both diurnal, meaning you are best in the morning. This makes morning walks the most ideal ones for your dog.

You need to walk your dog from between thirty minutes to an hour for your dog and you to get the maximum benefit.

Rewarding your pets during and after your walks and if given when and if your dog is behaving.  Small one bite treats work the best. Talk to your dogs, praise them.  You give a command and when they obey, praise them and give them a small treat.

You can stop and allow your dog to sniff around for a few seconds every now and again.

Plan your the route that you are going to use to walk you dog. Make sure that the restrictions are if any. Know which roads you are going to take.  Check the walk out first then take your dog out. You also need to take into account your pets and your bathroom needs.  Take enough water with you for your dog and yourself, plus a small bowl for your dog to drink out of.

Our Pet Sitters carry some sort of protections with them and that is normal for protecting themselves and your dogs against other dogs the might attack. Our concern is for the safety of our pet sitters and the dogs that have been placed into our care.  From experience, it is a necessary step that we take, as it has happened in the past when a stray dog has attached the Pet Sitter or the dogs in their care or both.

Our Pet Sitters will take excellent care of your pets,  whether they are House Sitting and taking care of your pets or they are just taking your dogs for their walks.

Our House Sitters sleep over and take care of your home and your pets.  Our Pet Sitters can come to you once or twice a day, depending on your and your pets needs.

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