Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to introduce a second Parrot into your family

How to introduce a second #Parrot into your family.

This is a common problem.  You could end up with the
two birds ripping into each other and causing serious
injury or even death of one or both of your birds.

You might find that your first bird stops giving you
all the attention and gives all their attention to the
new bird.  This could cause your new bird not to bond
with you at all.

It happens more often that not.  Birds are like people
you need to properly introduce each other the correct way,
or else you will end up with instant dislike.

You really enjoy your bird, and you have decided that you
are going to introduce a second bird. Now you deed to find
out the right way of doing it.

Learn how to have two happy birds in the family.

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